Shotokai-France and its incidences on the league of Languedoc

    In 1986, Master MURAKAMI created SHOTOKAI-FRANCE and decided to profoundly develop this movement. He wanted Bonnefoy-Lapujade, the core of the movement, divided into several clubs. During the implementation of SHOTOKAI-FRANCE, Master MURAKAMI asked me to be a part of the office, in charge of the Languedoc region.

    I created the Karate section in the Blagnac Sporting Club. Blagnac, a small town near Toulouse, is said to be the 10th city in France for its sports equipments. Thanks to its gyms, we have perfect places for our trainings. Miramont, black belt in 1988, assisted me perfectly .

    Miota, became leader of the Bonnefoy karate club with my former students, and had successfully graduated 2nd dan. Bréonce, in Pamiers, can replace Pujol, left for Toulouse, by a new black belt, Paul Marc Ribeiro. The Léo Lagrange grew thanks to Paraga, assisted by Orbiso.

    In Rodez, Cardonel, new black belt, tried to relaunch a club. A student of Master HARADA, he forced himself, during 3 years, at first alone then within our group, to acquire the disciplines of the Shotokai to cross the different stages. I want to honour this particularly deserving man that we had the pleasure to help by going to make some trainings in his club. In the comeback of September, 1988, my faithful assistant, Miramont, opened with my help a club in the cultural centre of Montaudran.

    I take advantage of the occasion offered by this article to thank all my former and new students for their constructive help and congratulate them on their constancy in efforts.

Xavier CORBIN   
(written en 1990)   

(Translated from the French by Sebastien Garnier)   

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